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Handmade leather belts from Basic Leathers epitomize the exquisite craftsmanship that blends high-quality leather with sophisticated edge-wrapping techniques.

Basic leathers

Each belt crafted at Basic Leathers undergoes a meticulous process from inception to completion, beginning with the careful selection of premium leather panels. Artisans employ precise cutting, folding, and processing methods to ensure that every belt not only meets stringent durability standards but also embodies a luxurious aesthetic.

Beyond being a mere accessory, these belts represent a harmonious fusion of artisanal skill and practical functionality.

Choosing a handmade leather belt from Basic Leathers means investing in a piece that transcends fashion trends, offering timeless elegance and durability that speaks to both quality craftsmanship and refined taste.

Product features

Designed for use with 6 cards and a central compartment for bills.

Materials and care

- calf skin

- alligator/ crocodile leather

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